Let us tell you about
Zzz Dreamscape Hotel

We thought that Stockholm was ready to experience something new,
so we created Zzz Dreamscape Hotel.

We are special

We do not have any personnel on location. There are no windows, just a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Minimalistic rooms with a maximalist design, ensure you are ready to experience the best of what Stockholm has to offer. Furnished with remarkably restful and comforting beds.

Hi-tech safety and security surround you, as you relax in the best location in the city. You check-in, open doors and operate all the amenities through our app, accessed through your smartphone.

The hotel looks different, because we are different…

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Make a booking

It’s very simple. Just tell us when you want to stay, and whether you will be one or two guests. For everyone’s security, the identity of all our visitors is verified before check-in.

2. Get the app

Download the Zzz Dreamscape Hotel app from App Store or Google Play, activate, and pick up your booking.

3. Open Sesame

When arriving at Zzz Dreamscape Hotel on Kungsgatan 17, Stockholm, you open the door to the hotel with our app. Just make sure you have your phone battery charged.

4. Check-in

The kiosk directly inside the entrance will guide you through your check-in procedure and the scanning of your id or passport. If you want to talk to us, just lift the handset next to the kiosk. We’ll be there – night and day, every day.

5. Access your key

Once you’re checked in, you’ll find the key to your room in the app.

6. Safety and security

Even though we do not have any personnel on site, the Zzz Dreamscape Hotel is both safe, and extremely secure. Please see details in the FAQ.

7. Breakfast anyone?

There are a number of places near the hotel where you can start the day with a breakfast of your choice.

8. Check out

Complete your simple checkout procedure in the app.

9. Welcome back

We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay at Zzz Dreamscape Hotel. Keep the app in your phone, with push messages activated, and you’ll receive notices from us when there is something exciting happening in Stockholm, or when we have a special offer for you. Have a safe trip to your next destination. Thank you, and we hope we’ll see you again very soon!

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