Enter the room of your dreams

Zzz Dreamscape Hotel is the peaceful eye of the storm in downtown Stockholm. A minimalistic room with maximalist design is waiting there for you, just one step down from bustling Kungsgatan. A tranquil space, where you can recharge, reload and refresh. In your room, the queen size bed is 153 cm (60”) wide. The Wi-Fi is, of course, free and the TV screen is connected to a Chromecast unit, where you can stream all your channels. Get a glimpse here, of just some of the amenities we offer.


When entering your room, you are immediately welcomed by a queen size bed that urges you to dive into its smooth linens and fluffy cushions. But stop! Before you do that, check out the bathroom with its selected toiletries. By the bed, you have a USB connector for charging your smartphone, and from your horizontal position you have, of course, free access to our Wi-Fi, so you can watch the Chromecast equipped TV.

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